Woman Allegedly Used Witchcraft to Intimidate Family

A practicing witch in Upstate NY was charged on May 8th for allegedly using witchcraft to intimidate a man and his family.  According to sources, the woman now faces two counts of fourth-degree witness tampering and misdemeanors after she reportedly used witchcraft and “hot foot powder.”

The woman charged was Jennifer L. Johnson, 51, of Baldwinsville, New York, about two hours west of Albany, near Syracuse.

According to sources, the bizarre incident happened outside of the home of Baldwinsville village treasurer Mark Baker, who found red powder outside his house on his property, according to police reports.

Around 3:30 p.m. on May 7, one of the Bakers’ neighbors observed a woman exiting a red Jeep Cherokee and sprinkling “a red powder” on the front step of the home of Mark Baker, the Baldwinsville village treasurer, according to the arrest report and supporting documents. - Wildhunt.org 


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Mark and Sandy Baker, Baldwinsville, NY were allegedly harassed by a practicing witch in Upstate NY Photo: Facebook

Practicing Witch

According to the report, Johnson acted alone. She admitted to police that she left the mixture of cayenne pepper, cinnamon, black pepper, and egg shells on the Bakers’ property.

Johnson allegedly used “this form of witchcraft” as a bullying tactic aimed at Mark Baker and his wife.  According to sources, Johnson wanted the Bakers to  "refrain from any legal activity in a separate criminal case against a village trustee and her wife," according to police documents.

What is Hot Foot Powder?

Hot Foot Powder is a mixture of herbs and minerals used in African American hoodoo folk magic to drive unwanted people away. It virtually always includes chili powder, salt, pepper, and chili flakes. Other ingredients, such as wasp's nests, sulfur, and graveyard dirt are sometimes added.

Mark Baker, according to sources, used latex gloves to bag up some of the powder, which he turned over to the police.

His shaken wife Sandra told police, “This entire incident had shaken me to the bones.”

Johnson, according to sources, has apologized for her actions. She faces two counts of fourth-degree witness tampering and misdemeanors.

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