When it comes to overindulging, these New York Counties have the highest excessive drinking rates.

There is certainly nothing wrong with enjoying adult beverages in moderation. Excessive drinking though is another story. There are so many negative implications and outcomes from having a few too many, not to mention those terrible hangovers! Is it really worth it?

What Is Considered Excessive Drinking?

According to the CDC, 'excessive drinking' includes the following:

  • Binge drinking: For women 4 or more drinks consumed/for men 5 or more drinks consumed on one occasion.
  • Underage drinking
  • Heavy drinking:  8 drinks or more per week for women/15 drinks or more per week for men
  • Pregnant drinking

How Extensive Is Excessive Drinking In New York?

The good news is that compared to other states, overall New York is ranked in the bottom half of the 50 states at #31 for excessive drinking rate, according to 24/7 Tempo. New York falls slightly under the US average of 19.8% with an excessive drinking rate of 19.0%.

Within the state though, there are certain counties that exceed the nationwide average for excessive drinking. These are the 10 counties in the state with the highest percentage of the population partaking in excessive alcohol consumption.

Looking for help for you or someone you know for treatment of alcohol problems? Get more info from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

New York State's 10 Drunkest Counties

According to County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, these are the 10 New York counties with the highest rates of excessive alcohol consumption among adults. The CDC says exessive drinking includes binge drinking which is "...defined as consuming 4 or more drinks on an occasion for a woman or 5 or more drinks on an occasion for a man.." and heavy drinking which " ...for women...is 8 drinks or more per week/For men, heavy drinking is 15 drinks or more per week."

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff

The Most & The Least: Drunkest States Across America

According to a survey from 24/7 Wall Street, these are the Top 5 Drunkest states across America. We've also included the bottom 5 of the list for your enjoyment also! Check out the following gallery to see the tops in each!

Gallery Credit: JD Knite