Grab your popcorn, football fans: Dion Dawkins is talking about the New York Jets again!

Dawkins, a three-time Pro Bowl offensive lineman for the Buffalo Bills, has made a habit out of criticizing the Jets whenever he gets near a camera and microphone.

As far as I can tell, this feud began back in November, when Dawkins and Jets' defensive tackle Michael Clemons got into a spat in the tunnel of Highmark Stadium:

Then, in late February, a shirtless Dawkins addressed his hatred of the Jets more directly in an interview:

Then, while appearing on Kay Adams' show on FanDuel TV in March, Dawkins again brought up the Jets:

Fast forward more than two months to today, and the war between Dawkins and the Jets had seemingly blown over. Then, on a peaceful, quaint Wednesday morning, Good Morning Football co-host Jason McCourty decided to end said cease-fire with a question to Dawkins about the New York Jets.

In the blink of an eye, the two sides were once again feuding. Take a look:

Jets' fans were less than thrilled to see Dawkins mentioning their team again. Here were some of our favorite responses to the clip:

Tonight (Wednesday) at 8PM, the NFL will release its schedule for the 2024 season. So, by the end of today (Wednesday), we will know the exact date when Dawkins and the Bills will play Clemons and the Jets.

That game will be must-see TV, to say the least.

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