With less than a week to go before the total solar eclipse, several cities and towns across Upstate New York are no longer on the path of totality due to an unexpected shift.

Recently, the total solar eclipse map became wrong, which means many areas will now be robbed of the full eclipse experience on April 8.

For some other cities, especially those in other states, they have now been pushed onto the 9,200-mile long and 115 mile-wide path of totality.

New Eclipse Map Issued

Map of 2024 eclipse on April 8th, produced by www.GreatAmericanEclipse.com
Map of 2024 eclipse on April 8th, produced by www.GreatAmericanEclipse.com

Eclipse computation expert John Irwin was the one to break the bad news, especially to areas within the "grazing zone" - or those just on the very edge of the path of totality. The projected map has the eclipse shifting slightly northwest by roughly 600 meters, or roughly a fourth of a mile.

These areas were expected to catch a condensed version of the total solar eclipse, but now they will miss out entirely.

According to his new map, which shows the old totality path and its updated "true" line - areas like southern and eastern Rome have been pushed into partial eclipse territory.  Previously, the city was expected to be nearly fully encompassed by the eclipse, but now just the northwestern tip will enjoy the show.

Aurora, Camroden, Owasco, and Steuben Valley were other areas that had been bordering the eclipse but have now lost out on totality.

The previous map had the Finger Lakes bisected by the total solar eclipse's path, but now those planning to see the full show will have to drive a few miles up north.

You can scroll through the newly updated map below to see if your planned viewing location has been affected:

According to Forbes contributor Kevin Payne, locking down the exact projection of the eclipse's shadow is difficult.

"Scientists don’t know the sun’s diameter, which leaves eclipse maps—projections of its shadow—all askew," he wrote. The new maps by John Irwin, described as a "a master in eclipse computations," took into account the updated figure for the "radius of the sun."

This is bad news for eclipse events planned on the outskirts of the former path of totality, but revelers are highly encouraged to make the most of it.

The next two total eclipses set to cross New York State will be in 2079 and in 2144.

Some Good News

kdshutterman from Getty Images
kdshutterman from Getty Images

The forecast for Monday, April 8, has shifted for the better. Previously, initial reports called for heavy cloud cover, rain and slightly chilly temperatures on eclipse day.

Now, meteorologists say we can expect peeks of sunshine and temperatures around 60.

For the Utica area:

The National Weather Service is forecasting sunshine and highs around 58.

Weather.com is calling for partly cloudy skies and a high around 58.

Accuweather predicts mostly sunny skies with a high near 57.

The revised weather is coming with some warnings, especially when it comes to eye safety.

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Health and governmental officials are urging residents to not stare directly at the sun without proper eyewear like eclipse glasses.

If you aren't able to nab a pair, there are other ways for you to safely watch the eclipse.

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