The Buffalo Bills lost yet another brutal, crushing game under head coach Sean McDermott on Sunday evening.

The Bills lost 37-34 to the Philadelphia Eagles in overtime in a game that Josh Allen played outstanding, yet, still lost the game, which is now an undeniably habit under McDermott. The Bills find a way to lose games Allen plays great and lose games in the weirdest and crazy fashion.

The Bills defense played great for one half. Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts was awful in the first half but they flipped a switch in the second half, while Allen played his best game of the season, albeit in a losing effort.

There's something else that happened during the game, which took place on the sideline near the stands, while the Bills offense was on the field late in the game.

An Eagles fan was berating the Bills defensive line, as Jordan Phillips, Shaq Lawson and Ed Oliver walked over to the fan in question. After a clear upset Phillips, Lawson and Oliver were confronting the fan, Lawson takes a shove at the fan before they are escorted away.

Phillips said after the game on Instagram that the fan threatened him and his family, which is true was truly despicable.

Lawson cannot shove a fan, which is something that should never happen, but security needs to do a better job at preventing that from escalating.

We will have to wait and see what punishment, if any, comes to Lawson for the incident but it's clear that the Bills defensive line was extremely upset.

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