The Buffalo Bills have one of the most hated stadiums among NFL players.

It is no secret that in Western New York the Buffalo Bills fans are super loud, so at first glance, you might think that is why NFL players didn't like it in Buffalo, but that does not seem to be the case. On the flip side, the Kansas City Chiefs' Arrowhead Stadium, is the other 'loudest stadium in the NFL' and they are actually the most beloved stadium to play in the NFL. All of the players that were surveyed are anonymous.

According to Joe Pompliano, who is a sports and business data expert posted the data that was originally collected by The Athletic.

EXTRA: Did you know that there is an extra tax that most athletes have to pay (really anyone in America that gets paid in a different state. It's called the Jock Tax. Josh Allen is set to pay quite a bit

Let's start with what is the Jock Tax?

When you work, you pay a certain tax to each state that you work in. That is no different for professional athletes. When, and if, they earn money in a different state, they may have to pay taxes in that specific state hence the JOCK TAX.

Andrew Petcash, who is a money and data expert in sports, posted about Josh Allen and how his most recent deal that he signed with the Buffalo Bills, might cost him tons of money in Jock Tax. Petcash breaks down Allen's 43 million dollar salary and you will be surprised how much he ACTUALLY brings home.

It's actually kind of sad/sick/disappointing/surprising how much of our checks when we work go to the government.

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